Interactive Online Tech Classes for Kids !

1 to 1 Live Coding Classes with your personal trainer.Make world a better place for your kids and empower them by giving kids access to new and modern ways of developing practical skills.

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UTech is more than just a coding school!

Our interactive based curriculum helps kids develop: Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Technical Skills.

🎉 🎉 And it's a lot of fun, too!

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Why Tech skills for Kids ?

Make your kids masters of multitasking, communicating and creativity.

Study has shown that exposing kids to tech skills like coding increases their tendency to expand their creativity and also help in exploring their talents and skills early on since a child’s brain is able to absorb greater amount of information than adult’s.

In the fast-evolving world of tech, there is strong need to equip kids to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow and for that, standard schooling is not enough to prepare them as students are not ready for technologies and tech careers of the future. Stats shows that job opportunities for Computing increases every day, it is money-making career choice and field of study.

UTech Superstars !

Abdullah's video, Age 14, UTech's Junior Coder

Watch how coding with UTech helped Abdullah get better at programming.

100K+ Student Projects Completed

"Student's Population Increasing 30% each year, with promise to spread around the globe in next coming years"

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Game Development

8 Classes

Curriculum Includes

Learn the interface of Buildbox and how to develop advanced 2D/3D games using it.

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Physical Classes- Starting Date 10 June



Parents Love us!

It is a start of an amazing journey, with professional and dedicated teachers. The dedication which ...

Daniyal Waqas

I am having a great time. Coding is very easy and fun....


I'm a student of U-TECH I have 3 courses from U-TECH and all courses were amazing the teachers were ...

Muhammad Hamdan Asim

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