A Glimpse of students hardwork.

Why early age parenting is important?

Parents, you won't regret these 13 minutes for the rest of your life because it concerns the next generation. UTech Services is a division of UTech. UTech where we are utilising kids after training them on hands on projects of companies and different firms. We want the next generation to combine academics with productive endeavours so they can excel in their fields. Thus, what we are doing UTech's training of youth. UTech Services will get them. making it possible for them to begin working for themselves and receiving payments for each assignment.

Why UTech started for kids?

UTech is a Global International Coding School that offers live classes to children both online and in person. Before sending students to college, UTech Motive wants to cultivate AI engineers and developers.

Smart Home

This system is about Tap control system using smartphones and Arduino boards. This can be used to ... living by providing the tap automation in the smart home. In ... The solenoid valve is used in order to control the water flow.

Technology for kids at Rural Areas.

Feedback of students at Thar After completing a computer course Utech Digital Education The fast-evolving world of technology where everyone is competing to rise above the others and create the best possible lives with the introduction of new technologies and alleviating lifestyles, U-Tech aims to enhance the creative and innovative minds of youngsters and produce the best developers. It provides digital learning for kids whereby, along with academic learning kids have access to new and modern means of developing skills effectively.

Kids Train to Kids

We are making children capable to train other children in our junior instructor programme

Youngest MIT Certified

Khizar Kamran, who is only 12 years old, is an expert in both artificial intelligence and Python. At the age of 9, he received his MIT International Certification. He is a young Python instructor who is well-known for his selling computer vision projects. He is currently assisting a candidate for a data science position in Saudi Arabia.

Trap Adventure Game

Our youngest 9 years old talented game developer Abdul rehman faisal has made an outstanding game of "Trap Advanture" and break all the records of previous batch students

Smart Gardner

Abdul Ahad from UK learning robotics online at the age of 8


A Glimpse of students hardwork.

Online Circuit Designing

Kids love to make circuit online and submit homework on digital classroom

Game Development With Unity

Syed Ashir is explaning his game development project to the visitor at technology exhibition

Smart Parking System

Aban Fahim is explaning his smart parking project to the visitor at technology exhibition

App Control Boat

Eshaal mustafa created a water boat using micro controller and C programming which is controlled by android application

Smart Aqua Lab

Hafsa Smart aqua lab wins 2nd prize in a competition held in china 2019

VR Lab For Kids

UTech students attended Space Expedition through VR which is a simulated experience that obscures the natural world. The expedition was designed in such a way where students could explore and learn about space through a STEAM based learning environment.